Time: New Year’s Eve Eve, 7:30pm.

Location: Mecca,  The Apple Store. 59th and 5th Ave, NYC.

apple_logo_640x480After almost making it through the door, on this snowy/rainy night, I’m forced to wait until the wave of humanity exiting the store clears. The stanchions were set-up as if getting into the store was a ride at Disneyland; a maze, winding through the plaza. After fifteen minutes of so close, but yet so far, we were let loose. Out of the corner of my eye I saw two tall blondes - ill-dressed for the weather at hand – slip under the barrier right in front of me.

Gay, confronting the line jumpers: “There’s a line. The back is that way.”

Girls: “He he he, but it’s so cold…”

Gay: “Sorry. Not gonna work on me.”

Girls, unzipping their springlike jackets: “He he he…please…”

Gay: “The boobs don’t work on me either. Back of the line ladies. You’re not getting in front of me. Rude, rude girls.”

Girls, to each other: “Gays are hard…”

Gay: “Happy New Year!”

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