Mrs Brown: “You sold me these tickets and they aren’t next to each other!”

Agent: “Have you the tickets?”

Mrs Brown: “Right here. See, this says Row K, Seat 1 and this one says Seat 3. I don’t know what kinda bull-shit you’re trying to pull here, but I want my money back. I’m NOT sitting next to a stranger.”

Agent: “Ma’am, I’m gonna need you to bring it down a bit. The seats are next to each other.” Pulls out seating chart. “As you can clearly see, you are sitting in the eleventh row, the first two seats, on the aisle. The right side is even-numbered, the left side is odd. These are the seats I showed you when you purchased the tickets. Why would we separate you without your consent?

Mrs Brown: “If I get to the theatre and there’s a stranger sitting next to me, I’m coming back. And you’ll give me my money back. Oh yes, you will…”

Agent: “Well then, I’ll guess see you tomorrow. When you see it’s not a row of two and the person sitting in Seat 5, right next to you, will surely be a stranger…bring it.”