Overheard@theDesk – Starbucks

Mrs Brown: “There used to be a Starbucks here.”

Agent: “Yes, here was.”

Mr Brown: “…”


Mr Brown: “Starbucks?”

Agent: “I’d love one…light, two Splenda.”

Mr Brown: “…”

Agent: “That wasn’t an offer?”


Mr Brown: “What happened to the Starbucks?”

Agent: “It’s in the gift shop.”

Mr Brown: “Where’s the gift shop?”

Agent: “Really?”

Mr Brown: “Really? Like I should know where the fucking gift shop…oh, it’s right here…never-mind…sorry.”


Customer: “Why did they move the Starbucks?”

Agent: “Well, while I in no way have my finger on the pulse of the Marriott Marquis, I’d have to assume the meeting went something like this.”

Exec 1 – ‘How do we get more people into the gift shop?’

Exec 2 – ‘Move Starbucks inside?’

Exec 1 – ‘Brilliant! You get a raise!’

“But, don’t quote me…”


Mrs Brown: “Starbucks?”

Agent: “Coffee?”

Mrs Brown: “Where’s Starbucks?”

Agent: “Sorry, I thought we were playing word association? Most people use more words when asking a question.”

If the Agent could say what he wanted:

Actually he did, the Starbuck’s folk don’t usually come back and buy tickets…